New Year, New Goals…

Well my blog has not gone to plan since I set it up! Maybe the run up to Christmas was an unrealistic time to start it but there has been so much going on, my head has been buzzing and my mind has not been able to focus on writing.  This is not like me and it has worried me slightly, however I am sure we all have times in our lives when outside factors take their toll and our poor little heads just need a rest! Mine certainly does!!
January 2012 is set to be just as busy, moving house, appointments in their abundance for my daughter and my beautiful cousin’s wedding (which I cannot wait for!).  Not quite sure on top of all that in work how this is going to work for now but I will figure something out!  I have big plans for 2012 but unlike a lot of years I am trying to keep them realistic therefore have had to modify a few things.
So here goes….my writer’s head…it’s just not there right now.  I have plenty of ideas and lots of half written articles. With all that’s going on I guess it is only to be expected that I have a case of writer’s block.  Three years of illness, studying and raising a child at the same time are bound to have an effect therefore this year I plan to go back to basics, get healthy, take lots of omega 3 and enjoy my writing for a while.
Once I’ve moved this will consist of clearing my head with lots of long walks, spending quality time with my family, friends and people who are important to me, becoming more self sufficient…..just enjoying the simple things.  My life is never going to be straight forward but the unexpected passing of a dear person this week has made me realise that life is short, you never get this time back and so much has been wasted already.  This year I want to appreciate things, create a home that we can retreat away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and relax in.  I’m also going to trust my instincts more and stand by the things I believe in.  Hopefully, this time next year we will be more settled, my mind will be clearer and my writing will be flourishing!!

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