Back to work!

Although a bank holiday the museum (The Cardiff Story) was open as normal today therefore I was back to work.  Today however, the museum had a new facilitator for the morning as I took my nine year old daughter in with me! She loves coming to the museum (as do most children who visit here, very ‘hands on’ and interactive with lots of dressing up!) and probably knows the galleries just as well as me!   
She was eager to help any visitors who came in but was a quiet morning so ever the historian I was eager to take the opportunity to teach her something while she was there with me! She came across some ration books in one of the interactive evidence drawers in the  Cardiff’s War section of the gallery so I set about teaching her about rationing and nutrition during the Second World War. Luckily she is eager to learn and with the help of the Horrible Histories book we went through the timeline of events and then looked at some local books of Cardiff during the war.  She was fascinated with the ration books as they are original and “very old” and was amused to find out that these “very old” books were dated the same year as Grandad was born, which created giggles a plenty! (sorry Dad!).  It was lovely to be able to show her photographs of places in Cardiff that she knows from during the war and to teach her about the experiences of children in Cardiff during the 1940s.
She then went off to ‘work’ in the Tourist Information office that shares our building, sticking address labels on envelopes, gossiping and being paid in cups of tea and chocolate!! What started off as a potentially stressful day turned out to be very enjoyable!!

The Cardiff Story Museum

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