Coconut Oil

I have been reading a lot about the benefits of coconut oil and have been keen to try coconut water as a clean alternative to other drinks on the go as it has been raved about by a lot of people recently.  

During a trip to London to watch the Olympics I found cans of it on sale in a Caribbean food outlet at Westfield shopping centre. I excitedly bought some (and I mean silly excited) to have with my dinner but have to admit I was not keen!!! The taste itself was not for me, it tasted like stale water and I quickly had to drink something else to take away the taste! I was so disappointed!

That said, I have friends who absolutely love it so I guess that it is just trial and error with regards to taste.  I may buy some to add to a smoothie for the health benefits however, I think it may be just as beneficial for this purpose to use a spoon of coconut oil.

Which brings me on to my main topic today….

I have previously used coconut oil for cooking as it is the healthiest oil available, but after some research and reviews I have seen about its health benefits I am keen on exploring how it could affect my body both physically and emotionally.  I have a few issues health wise that result from misdiagnosis of Coeliac disease (see previous post here)and a long battle with an eating disorder.  I am now convinced that coconut oil will be beneficial in aiding my body in it’s recovery and intend on not only using it as a cooking oil, but also as a health supplement.

Here are the benefits of adding coconut oil to your diet…

hair care * skin care * stress relief * digestion * maintaining cholesterol * levels * weight loss * increased immunity * proper digestion and metabolism * relief from kidney problems * heart diseases * high blood pressure * diabetes * HIV * cancer * dental care * bone strength. 
For a detailed breakdown of health benefits click here.

I have ordered my coconut oil from Coconoil as they are one of the cheapest suppliers of certified virgin organic coconut oil that I have found and postage is free.  They also supply various sizes, including a handy 250g jar that I will be taking on holiday with me shortly. 

I will be taking a spoonful of coconut oil every morning with breakfast and along with my other supplements.  I am hoping to see positive changes very soon and will be posting my findings here! 


4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. Amy - Louise says:

    The Coconut water was awful, but I am now taking a spoonful of the coconut oil every morning with breakfast. It smells beautiful, not the most pleasant of sensations but doesn't really taste of anything so is much easier to tolerate!! Also feels lovely on your skin as a moisturiser 🙂


  2. stephanie says:

    I am with you, coconut water is terrible! But I use coconut oil for everything! I cook with it, add a TBSP to my morning smoothie, use it as lotion of my toddler who has mild eczema and when she was a baby I used it to get rid of her cradle cap! I LOVE coconut oil!


  3. Amy - Louise says:

    I'm glad to here that it works for eczema as I was going to try and use it on my ten year old. Her skin is always dry even when she does not have a flare up, nothing seems to moisturise it so fingers crossed the coconut oil works! I am packing to go to Florida next week and have just put a tub in my luggage!


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