Summer Stories

So summer has officially come and gone! It went from what was supposed to be a quiet one to completely hectic but also lots of fun.  I have been super slack in blogging what we  have been up to (intentions were there but I just don’t seem to have had the time!), so here is a brief overview in pictures!
Our summer started with the arrival of the Olympic rings in Cardiff.  As host city to the Olympic football we  were to enjoy a summer of events and mayhem – Megan loved it!

The Olympic Torch relay reached Cardiff at the end of May, this was taken on the Hayes before we went to Coopers Field for the arrival of the flame at a big concert.

Next on the list of summer events was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend at the beginning of June.  Megan decided we were going to do some baking and have some friends around for a Jubilee party!
Our Patriotic cupcakes were delicious!

July saw my beautiful girl turn 10!! I still cannot believe that I am a mother of a ten year old.  The time really has gone so quickly and to start off her first year in double figures the day began with her favourite pain au chocolat and tea in bed!
Followed by family and friends over after school for cake made by my fantastic sister (I unfortunately am completely useless with cakes!).
With our summer being the wettest on record we were wondering if the Olympics were going to be a washout!  Thankfully, the sun remembered it was summer after all and we had some beautiful weather!
The games started two days earlier than the Opening ceremony in Cardiff and the atmosphere was amazing.  August 4th was my turn to head to the Olympic Park in London and it was the most amazing experience.  I can honestly say that it was a privilege to have been there amongst the crowds and aswell as watching some men’s hockey we saw some amazing British performances 🙂 It was Jess Ennis’ first day of the heptathlon, Gold medal success at the velodrome and Becky Adlington took bronze at the pool, to name a few!
My friend has recently moved to London and is the manager of Kurt Geiger at Westfield Shopping Centre next to the Olympic Park.  It was lovely being able to pop in and see her and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her shoe display – so pretty!!
The sight entering the Olympic Park
Dave & I at the Olympic Park
The next big event would take us back home to Cardiff.  The British round of the World Championship Speedway GP series is always a huge event in my family! (I will write a blog about this later in the month). My family has been involved since the 1950s and my cousin Sophie’s husband is the current British Champion.  The British round for the last 10 years has benn held at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, home of Welsh rugby and for one day 500,000 tons of shale and the World’s top speedway riders and fans.
On August 24th I took Dave and Megan to the Press and Practise session at the stadium along with Sophie, their daughter and friends followed by some Italian food in the evening.  The girls loved the attention they received from the fans as they shouted to Scott on the track!
Sophie, Maya, me and Megan

Although Maya is used to the sound of the bikes and betweek 40,000 – 50,000 fans shouting and blowing air horns, Megan is hyper sensitive therefore we didn’t take her on the Saturday for the actual event.  Again the atmosphere was electric and we had an amazing night although the evening proved disappointing to us as Scott didn’t make the semi-final due to a race that was re-run. Congratulations to Chris Holder who won in Cardiff though and there were some amazing fireworks at the end though and we already can’t wait for next year!

Sky Sports filming area
Track side before the meeting
Indoor fireworks at the end of the night
So that was our summer!! There were lots of other things in between that we got up to this summer, it really has been chaotic, tiring but a lot of fun! What a summer of sport!  Here’s to the next one!

4 thoughts on “Summer Stories

  1. Amy - Louise says:

    Aren't the shoes amazing? I fall in love with so many pairs every time I go in there, literally have to be dragged out of there!
    The Olympics were so much fun, easily one of the best experiences ever 🙂


  2. Amy - Louise says:

    Haha, yes it was completely hectic, but an opportunity not to be missed! The indoor fireworks were amazing, the photo there doesn't do them justice. I will put up some more but I haven't had chance yet.

    I can't believe how quickly they grow up, think it may feel worse as she's an only child aswell. We are packing for a trip to Florida this week and her new sandals are the same size as mine!


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