Sunday reflections in the sun….

I can’t believe that it’s five days until we fly home already! We have been so busy in Florida that it has gone so quickly. I’m sat by the pool soaking up the sun as I write this and I really don’t want to leave this beautiful weather and head home to a gloomy, wet and cold British autumn. On the other hand though I think I am all theme parked out and I know for sure that Megan is too.

Although we are having a lovely time here, this holiday hasn’t been as straightforward as I’d hoped it would and it has made me realise a few things that are quite difficult to come to terms with. Although I’m here with family, it’s tough being away from home as a single mum with a child with some additional needs and this holiday has brought this home.

This being said though I’m loving having time with my princess and watching her cope extremely well considering the theme parks are so busy and sensory challenging for her. I’m watching her in the pool playing with some children and her confidence in the water has come on leaps and bounds, which makes me so happy and proud. I am also enjoying some quality time with my niece and nephews, which at home doesn’t happen often. I will really miss that time when we get home as even though we live a couple of streets away normal everyday life often get in the way.

I’ll blog more about our time here in Florida once I’m home, but for now I’m learning so much more about our strengths and weaknesses and recognising the simple things and time with children aren’t given as much priority as they should and I really don’t want that time to end.


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