Slow Saturday

So half of today had already disappeared before I woke up! To be honest I had trouble remembering what day it actually was and this post is likely to sound rambled and make no sense at all! Last time I clearly recall it was Thursday and we were in Florida having our last lunch in the sun before getting on the plane. Then I lost five hours flying into the future on an overnight flight and landed in a wet, cold and gloomy London at 7.30 in the morning! We then had a three hour drive back to Wales. Now the plan was to stay awake until our normal bed time and try to get up at a reasonable British time this morning….Did.Not.Happen!! After being up since 4.30 the previous morning with little sleep on the plane, Megan fell asleep all the way home in the car. I managed to unpack when we got home and took a bath to warm up (on top of putting the heating on, a hoody and thick socks). It was lovely to see my animals and my best friend and her daughter came over for an hour so we got to give them their presents. After that I slept. Made dinner. Slept. Had another bath to warm up. Put Megan to bed. Slept….thirteen hours in fact until 12.30 lunchtime! Megan slept through until 1pm also (after going to bed at 9.30pm) and out bodies were still telling us that it was 8-9am in the morning!
The good news is that it is a beautiful sunny day outside (although only 9c/48f) and I have a list full of things I should be doing especially in the garden as it’s not raining and I need to get it ready for winter. However I can barely get off the sofa and am not ready to face the cold, so we are spending the day in our pjs, hoody, fluffy socks and lots of hot fruit teams cuddles πŸ™‚ Harley our car has hardly moved from my side so it’s a perfect day.


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