Welcome November & October’s favourite things

I can’t believe that November is here already! This year is going so quickly and I have welcomed in November by spending the day digging out my kitchen cupboards and cleaning everywhere! This time of year with Christmas approaching always makes me feel as though I need a good clear out, I think it may be as I know with the bad weather we will be spending more time indoors. As today was my day at home and the first day since we got home from America that I’ve had a bit more energy, I got going! 
Anyway, back to October for a moment. I did intend to link up with Dancing with Ashley for October Favourite Things yesterday but my laptop has broken and I was trying to figure it out. No such luck though so forgive the photos from my iPhone and here goes…..

October was really all about our trip to Florida. Megan and I travelled with my parents, my sister and her husband and my niece and nephews. It was so lovely spending some quality time with my little munchkins (children not adults, just to be clear!) and making some very special memories.
The weather of course was another big bonus! Sunbathing in October was the best and I’m trying my best to keep my lovely tan! Unfortunately one of my best friends was unable to make it down to visit us, but we were very lucky as our friend Emily took time off work and made the journey down from North Carolina to join us for our last few days. We had lots of fun goofing around at Disney World!

My second October favourite was discovering Charming Charlie’s. I LOVE this place, bags, clothes, accessories all colour coordinated in blocks – we need one of these in Cardiff!! Yes I have the bag, yes I tried on pretty much everything in the shop! I loved these 1920s inspired hats (incase you don’t know, I’m a historian studying from the 1920s), they were so up my street and reminded me of the current series of Downton Abbey – very Lady Mary I thought! I made a few purchases over a few visits whilst we were there.

Whilst on the ‘shopping in the USA’ theme, I snapped up so many bargains! Clothes etc are so much cheaper than in the UK. This Michael Kors watch is my favourite buy though. I’ve wanted it for so long and when I saw it in Macy’s for over £100 cheaper than at home I had to have it! I did feel a big guilty for buying it as I never buy anything like this for myself but it’s so pretty!!

As much as I love my bargains, my favourite thing in Florida was definitely taking Megan to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. I had been looking forward to this for so long and have heard so much about dolphin therapy and how it calms people with autism and related conditions that I couldn’t wait. It was the most amazing experience and I loved watching Megan with Jenny our dolphin. She was so relaxed and happy it made the whole trip worthwhile. The trainer also told me about a dolphin therapy centre in the Florida Keys which I intend to research.

My final October favourite was back home for Halloween. We had stocked up on Halloween treats in Walmart and brought them home. I was so disappointed not to be able to bring home a pumpkin though, there are so many different varieties (my favourite are the little tiger striped ones), rather than the standard ones we have here.
By the time we got home the shops had sold out and we went on a two hour car trip to find some!

The day was very cold but sunny and I thought we would be ok trick or treating that night. Typically though the heavens opened and the rain was so icy but out we went with Megan, my nieces and nephews! The children quickly learnt that pushing my two year old niece, Olivia to the front to say “trick or tweet” resulted in many more sweets!!! The night ended very cold and very wet but with very happy children!

I hope that your month was just as fun xxx


4 thoughts on “Welcome November & October’s favourite things

  1. Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} says:

    Now that is a good vacation!! We used to live in Orlando, so you were visiting my old stomping ground! :o)

    I just discovered Charming Charlie's, too! I get a little overwhelmed walking in there though because there is just so much to choose from! I'm the type of person that shops better when I have more limited choices! Ha!


  2. Amy - Louise says:

    I was in heaven! But I know what you mean, there is so much choice. I picked up a couple of tops, some jewellery and the bag! It's probably a good job that we don't have one here in the UK!

    I've been to Orlando a few times but it was our first time taking the children, definitely a lot of memories made 🙂


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