Thankful Thursday

This week hasn’t exactly been running smoothly. It was Megan’s first week back in school after our holiday and Autumn half term and we are still trying to get back into routine.  I had planned last week to start a new weekly recipe post as friends are often asking for ideas on what to cook.  I also planned to post about our Bonfire Night celebrations and What I Wore Wednesday but it’s just not happened.  This has been a week where I am running on empty and there have not been enough hours in the day.  It is now a week since my last blog post and I may not make it by midnight as today was nearly a twelve hour day out of the house with training, meetings etc in work.  An unexpected long day though did make an excellent excuse for a Costa pick me up and the first black forest hot chocolate of the 2012 holiday season! Yes, mine was the largest one!
Although it’s been a tough week I am counting  myself lucky for many reasons.  I am extremely thankful for the special people in my life who are there for me no matter what.  This weeks highlights include:
 * Bonfire celebrations with family and friends and Megan coping relatively well with the evening.
* Making Hershey’s hot fudge ice cream sundaes and enjoying a glass or two of North Carolina spiced rum with my good friend Tyler and Megan (obviously M didn’t partake in any rum drinking!).
* M’s school recognising her ability and implementing high school English work for her, so she is not bored continuing at primary school level. She is loving analysing poetry and received A* in English Literature and B at Maths in her assessments.
* Recognising the support I do have not what I am not receiving. Thank you to my good friends Tyler and Crissie for listening to me, my mother for helping reduce the stress on the mornings I work by taking Megan to school and my aunt for her support in dealing with doctors and authorities with getting help for Megan.
* My friend Deb aka Shoeless-Deb of Walking by Myself, calling me and getting me through an awkward situation that I couldn’t get out of with someone from my past.  Laughter is the best medicine!
I’m now looking forward to a catch up with my friend Gemma who had a beautiful baby girl whilst I was in Florida and taking Megan to my oldest friend Helen’s house for the weekend once she’s finished school tomorrow.


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