I’ll just put the kettle on…

This week I am exhausted. Completely exhausted. I’m struggling to get up in the mornings (the dark cold mornings don’t help) and my schedule has been non-stop. On a very positive note though it has been a productive week with lots of appointments and conversations that have started with “I’ll just put the kettle on..”.  It would seem in Britain that a cup of tea can overcome all manner of problems and as a complete tea pot I am completely happy to carry on believing it! 
Tuesday was such a positive day, at an Autism support meeting, I was able to talk over a few issues that I have been having with Megan’s specialists and how overwhelmed and tired coping with everything I have been feeling of late. Over (yes, you guessed it) a few cups of tea we were able to talk through a few options and I left feeling less overwhelmed. That evening I also had Megan’s parents meeting, which I was also very pleased with. I moved her school a few months back after we had moved closer to my family and I am so happy that I did. Her teachers here are fantastic, they are behind me 100% with Megan and by putting things in place to help her get through the day. They are playing to her strengths and as far as possible removing any triggers that make things uncomfortable for her within the school environment.
I’m so proud of her work aswell, they have recognised how good she is at literature and she is now doing year 9 high school work at year 6 in primary school! All in all a good day.

Wednesday proved to be completely chaotic as we had four school groups in to learn about Cardiff’s history. Safe to say the pot of tea and gluten free cupcake (pictured above) from my favourite coffee shop in the historic arcades, went down a treat and restored calm!

This week Megan and I tried our hand at making gluten free pain au chocolat. They turned out pretty well for a first attempt I think!

Thursday night however, my body gave in. Everything started to ache and my body was telling me I needed to rest. I had an early night and spent yesterday at home looking after myself. When I’m unwell I obviously need to recover as quickly as possible, so I took Megan to school and returned to bed for a couple of hours. I made the most of a peaceful house and had a lovely hot bubble bath, whilst reading home decor magazines and drinking copious amounts of super fruit tea.

This weekend I will be doing more of the same. Lots of clean food, vitamins, scouring the Internet for vintage finds & cuddles with my princess. To start it all off though…….a cup of tea in bed of course!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend x


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