A British attempt at Thanksgiving

Ok so not a whole turkey, but they were delicious!

My first attempt at cranberry sauce
Parmesan potatoes and vegetables.  No alcohol with dinner because of my troublesome kidneys

Another first – baked sweet potato with a roast dinner!

Harley eyeing up the turkey.

Apple crumble and custard.
Lemon meringue pie.

Okay, so us Brits don’t technically do Thanksgiving, but my friend Tyler is studying here in the UK and his family are back home in North Carolina so I attempted to make him a Thanksgiving.  It turned out to be so much fun and a good excuse to pig out! I’m not claiming that it was anywhere close to what Thanksgiving dinner should be and most definitely not how his family would do it but I was pretty pleased with my cranberry sauce and baked sweet potato with dinner! Tyler tried to convince me that brown sugar was good on the potato but that just wasn’t going down with me!! The desserts certainly did though! Once Halloween has gone here in the UK it is impossible to get a pumpkin anywhere, so we had to make do with some fake ones on the table! Apple pie, custard and lemon meringue pie went down a treat though.  Three quarters of the pie just for me in fact!
Whilst I was cooking Tyler taught Megan all about Thanksgiving and answered her questions and although it was a bit strange having a turkey dinner at another time other than  Christmas, I think we may do it again next year!


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