December Favourite Things

I have been absent for most of December for various reasons (including my blogger playing up) but hopefully that is all fixed and I’m ready to take on 2013!

Today I’m linking up with the lovely Ashley at Dancing With Ashley for December Favourite Things. 

It has been such a busy month jam packed with things to do!

This month has been all about the Christmas lights! I have loved having them up this year. It’s been our first Christmas in this house and although there is so much to be done, furniture is mismatched etc, but the Christmas lights have made it so homely and cosy in here especially during the nights.

This year it was Megan’s last primary school Christmas concert. It is sad to think this is the last time I would sit through her school nativity and I managed to make it to two out of the three performances. She still seems to small to think that by next Christmas she will be in secondary school (first angel on left).

On her last performance she was determined to be seen!!! So shy and retiring my daughter!

I was so excited when Megan came home to say that her Christmas party coincided with the end of their World War 2 topic and that they were going to celebrate with a VE party!! I had so much fun putting her hair into twists with pretty pink ribbons and dressing her up. Due to her hyper-sensitivity issues she didn’t want to wear a collar but I think she looks pretty good!

Six months with my lovely man! We had so much fun this summer and he made Christmas so special this year. For the first time in a long time I’ve seen how good things can be and am really looking forward to 2013.

My Dad buys my sister and I a new book every Christmas (it’s a standing joke that it’s his only contribution to the Christmas shopping!). He never disappoints – last year was Mr Darcy’s Diaries and this year Death Comes to Pemberley. I’m looking forward to long baths and cosy nights.

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas aswell. Here’s to 2013 and many more favourite things!!

Amy xx


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