This and That Thursday

Today I’m linking up with Katie and Jena.

Hooray! My first blog achievement of 2013 is learning how to put a button in a blog post! I’m so pleased!! 🙂 Now I need to figure out what has gone wrong with my blogger and why my image, followers etc are now below my posts and why can’t I get them back to a side bar?? Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated!
Today I have also taken down my Christmas decorations, well kinda.  I am normally the one who takes them down as soon as New Years Day is here.  It seems kind of sad to leave them up once Christmas is done and dusted but this year I am kinda sad to take them down.  I was certainly not ready for Christmas to be over and for my man to go back to work yesterday and my house looked all cosy and glitzy with them up. Now it just looks bland and is a reminder that I must get around to decorating! I have left some up though.  Firstly because after being plagued with this flu virus it wiped me out just taking the decorations off the fire place and tree, secondly because I know they should stay up until January 6th.
Being hit with this flu also means that I am off work for another few days. Sigh.  Normally this would be good but most of Christmas has been spent in my pyjamas, no make up and hair pulled back and I am dying to be more glam.  Plus I want to wear these babies that my lovely man bought me for Christmas….
Being at home however has given me extra time with my lovely girl, cuddled up watching movies and meant that Deb over at Walking by Myself was able to pop in for a visit on her way home from Christmas in France and we got to make plans for a night out in a few weeks 🙂  
I’m also spending time looking at  brochures to find the perfect sunny retreat for our holidays this year.  Weather this Christmas has been so depressing…can’t we go like now??
I’m fancying here…..
With of course the odd weekend here….
Happy Thursday!!

Katie Did What


6 thoughts on “This and That Thursday

  1. Katie Did What says:

    Hmmm I'm not sure why you're side bar is underneath posts…. you might have an open < div > tag somewhere in your post. Just check your html and where you see it you need to add < / div > after to close it. Does that make sense? Ahhh html. Such a tricky/ foreign language to master! haha
    As for your vacation choices, UM YES. All of the above! Hope you feel better soon, darling!

    Thanks for linking up! 🙂



  2. Amy - Louise says:

    Thank you! I've had a look but can't see anything but will be sure to ask a friend who is much better at all this to take a look at what you said for me!

    Holiday must be booked soon, it's looking like Cyprus (with some Paris thrown in!), must tie the Mr down to booking soon!! x


  3. Amy - Louise says:

    Thank you! Getting better slowly and have narrowed down the holiday spots! Fingers crossed the earrings will be worn this weekend, if I'm not well enough to go out I will wear them with my pjs around the house! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow 🙂 x


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