Monday Madness

Ok…so I wrote this first thing today and didn’t get around to actually posting….
So it’s the first Monday of 2013. I’d like to say that I’m starting my first working week of the year full of life and positivity, but quite frankly I’d just like to crawl back into my bed!
This weekend was short. Dave, Megan and I only had Saturday together as I had to work at the museum for a few hours Sunday. We managed a trip to Starbucks and a shop or two before I was tired and had to head back but it was nice to be out of the house.
Sunday, Megan went ice skating at Winter wonderland and Dave went to his parents for the remainder of the weekend. It was my first day back in work since my illness and as I’ve not fully recovered it completely wore me out.
This morning started early! Harley (our cat) decided he wanted to have breakfast at 5am and I couldn’t get back to sleep knowing my alarm would be going off an hour and a half later. Typically though, I cuddled up to Megan (who had climbed into my bed) and started to drift back to sleep as the alarm sounded. Bummer!!
On a plus though my Mum took Megan to school this morning so that I could get to work early which meant that I didn’t have to put up with Megan’s first day back whinging! (I know, I sound like a terrible mum!).  It is also kind of nice to have done my hair and make up considering I’ve spent the days over Christmas and New Year in my pjs! 
I also have plans for this weekend that include a grown up night out – go me!! Not often that happens! It’s also my father’s 60th birthday this weekend so I’m busy ordering gifts and planning food for the family gathering on Sunday….that’s if I make it through the week as it’s quite hectic with sofas being delivered, Megan’s play dates after school and a load of university work to get through.  I’m not going to stress about it though, as per my resolutions (here) I am going to worry less and prioritise.
Therefore you may just find me slumped at my desk sleeping, but don’t tell anyone!!!
I also found this via Pinterest and although I’ve made my resolutions this year I thought it would be fun to include these!
I hope you have a good Monday 🙂

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