Dream Home

In a couple of weeks I will have been in my home for a year.  In that time I have not really done an awful lot to it apart from putting up curtains and photos / canvases.  With funds a bit more limited at the moment I had become really fed up with not being able to do anything to it and haven’t really found much inspiration of what I could do even if I did have the money with it being a rental.
One of my resolutions for 2013 is to make sure that I make the house my own this year and whilst browsing Pinterest yesterday I found this quote….
This really sums up how I have been thinking recently.  I have been so fed up that my furniture is mismatched and that I haven’t been able to buy new that I have missed what I do have and what I can do.  Don’t get me wrong I’d love some new pieces and there are things that I do need to go and buy new but, I have some lovely pieces that have been handed to me that I could make my own.  I have been preoccupied that some furniture has been given to me by other people instead of thinking of ways to personalise them, make them fit in and treasuring them.  
I’m not sure that I would want a house furnished with completely new and contemporary furniture anyway!!  I like contemporary pieces but I’m a historian and love vintage so a house full of new just wouldn’t be in my character! I realised that I need to stop comparing my house and style with that of  my friends and make it work for myself and my family.
With this in mind I have scoured Pinterest for ideas that I could use to make my old furniture like new and fit in with my personality.  

What do you think?  I already have an idea for a chest of drawers I have in my bedroom, my late grandmother’s rocking chair (on which she fed my father and subsequently my mother fed me) and also a few other smaller pieces.  All of which should keep me occupied whilst I’m saving for the new pieces! On that note, today I will be collecting some ‘nearly’ new sofas from a friend and raiding the garage for some sand paper!!!

Happy Tuesday 🙂 xx

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