This ‘n’ That Thursday

Katie Did What
Linking up with Katie and Jena today.
This recipe for Southern style baby rack ribs from the beautiful Helen’s blog, Ah, that’s love has become a new favourite with all of us. I would have taken some photos, however they were not on the plate long enough! One thing I have learnt from my travels in America, you sure do ribs better than in Britain!
That someone who has played a big part in my life for a long time is being deployed to Afghanistan in a few days.  For twelve months there will be no crazy random texts at silly times of the night (he’s in North Carolina, I’m five hours ahead in Britain) and no daily check ins, just because. A bit emotional about it all right now to be honest, a simple text from him saying “Don’t be worried, everything will be ok” set me off. Not much else to say on this apart from please, if you pray, keep both him and his unit in your prayers to keep them safe and give them the courage to deal with whatever is ahead.  I must be positive but it is going to be a long and worrisome twelve months.

on a happier note…

This post (here) that I wrote on Tuesday, has made me more positive about my house. I’m excited to get on with the little jobs that I can right now so that it is a ‘work in progress’ rather than an ‘if only I could afford…’ 🙂
That I am feeling much better and the sun came out this week (before the rain started and the impending snow) and reminded me what a beautiful city I live in.  After not being out for a while due to illness I appreciated it all the more and Cardiff certainly looks beautiful in the sun.  May be a future blog post showing you around Cardiff is in order?

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Castle
I hope that you have had a good week and have a lovely weekend.  I can’t wait as I actually have fun plans out of the house! A grown up night out tomorrow and my father’s 60th birthday Sunday 🙂

8 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That Thursday

  1. Katie Did What says:

    Ahhh you should definitely definitely do a post on Cardiff! I would love to see all your beautiful town has to offer! I'm pretty much obsessed with Europe! 🙂
    And I'll certainly be praying for your special someone, to keep them safe.

    Thanks for linking up!



  2. anna lizbeth says:

    deployments are never easy.. but it is the people who love them back home that help the solider get through them!! putting together packages while my husband was away not only helped him but it also gave me something to look forward to! i will have your friend in my prayers! xo


  3. Amy - Louise says:

    I will get right on to it! I have to admit, it is wonderful being so close to so many amazing places. I saw that you spent time in Paris, which is only an hours flight from here and my favourite place 🙂
    Thank you for your prayers x


  4. Amy - Louise says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and prayers, you are so right. I was also married to a soldier and the times away are hard. I'm glad that it helped you both, I remember making up care packages when I was young for my Uncle who was in the army. It must have been in preparation! I hope that your husband will be home with you for a while.


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