Help I’m becoming a groupie!!!


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 This weekend was amongst the best of them! Seriously good but I have learnt two things….
That you can buy fleece lined leggings! – seriously where have these been all my life?
I am seriously uncool when meeting my favourite band…like hello who am I and what have you done with my real self???
I think it is safe to say that I should not have had more than one drink. Not that I had many but when I have more than one I become ridiculously talkative. Now throw that in with excitement and I think we can see where this is going!

First off though I am in love with my new shirt! We stopped off at the shops before heading to Bristol as it was still freezing out with the snow and ice and I wanted something to cover up my vest top and wear under my jacket.  Here I found fleece lined leggings (which were so much more comfortable than the jeans I had planned to wear) and this soft, brushed cotton shirt! Best bit, my sister works there and I got 25% off everything 🙂 I’m so in love with the warm leggings I think I may wear them every day.

Red Pattern (Red) Red and Blue Check Shirt  | 269880969 | New Look
Shirt from New Look
Anyway, on to the gig. The support acts (The Getaway Plan and The Xcerts) were both great but I was also kinda distracted by Christian who was stood right next to us!  Luckily we got right to the front so had an amazing view 🙂  As always Anberlin were awesome and the gig seemed to fly by. 
Stephen Christian 🙂
So after singing, screaming, and getting my copy of Stephen’s book, ‘The Orphaned Anything’s’ signed as he left the stage, we decided to stay around for a drink as everyone else left.  I also knew from previous experience that the band would more than likely be returning once everyone left!

When they played Cardiff on a previous tour I was lucky enough to meet Stephen and had a long conversation and hug which resulted in lots of tears (non groupie moment, it was a bit of a deep and meaningful conversation which may or may not warrant a future post).  Saturday, it was my turn to meet Deon and Christian (below).  The conversation turned to Cardiff and rugby as they are playing there Friday (going to that one too!!) and the Six Nations Rugby Championships kicks off the next day. Dave had to put up with Deon and I talking about the rugby as he wants to go and me offering to show them around!! This resulted in me ending up with their tour managers contact details sorting out passes for the stadium! I think Dave got me back on the uncool stakes by questioning Christian on the Pearl Jam covers though.  He is a big PJ fan but seriously talking about another band at their gig was a bit embarrassing!

Deon – Bassist
Lead guitarist – Christian 🙂
As we left I was kinda on a big high and couldn’t wait to share the evening especially when Stephen tweeted me.  The next morning I cringed when I woke up to find this Facebook status…..

….I seriously could have died, it may not sound too bad and I wasn’t drunk or too OTT, but I seriously lost my credibility gushing over a guitarist, especially when Dave told my sister he was the cool one that night!! 
I’m still really looking to Friday though when we get to do it all over again, with my friend Tyler and Deb over at Walking By Myself. Although I am going to ensure that I am cool, calm and collected if we get to meet them again! I most definitely do not want to get to groupie status! I must also remember not to be too busy having photos with the band that I forget to have outfit shots taken and maybe also a photo with the bf…oops!! 

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