A grown up day off

This weekend was busy! We kicked it off with an adult only day. Dave and I both had the day off and after taking Megan to school spent the morning relaxing. My parents were picking her up from school that day so later in the afternoon we took the bus into town and went for a wander around the Victorian Cardiff Arcades, one of my favourite parts of Cardiff.  First stop had to be for tea, coffee and cake in my favourite coffee shop Coffee Barker. They do the best gluten free cup cakes and Dave was actually beaten by the carrot cake!

It looks so bad that I had already finished my cupcake!

I then took Dave to another arcade to look in Spillers, as he is so into music it was nice to take him somewhere that would interest him.  Founded in 1894 it is the world’s oldest record store and somewhere visitors always ask about when they come into the museum.  I love this place, the staff have so much knowledge, they can always get hold of the most obscure album and it is nice to go somewhere and be able to hold vinyl!  It always reminds me of listening to music with my father and popping in with him when I was young. 
Source: The Arcade Projects
We also found this poster on display there….I wonder where we were going that night 😉

Next we met up with my friend Tyler and his friend to get some food.  As it was Friday night in town it was pretty hectic everywhere and full of screaming women! We settled on Tiger Tiger and had the most delicious chilli-glazed lamb with sweet potato wedges.  So tasty and a bonus as all food was 50% off as they had just had a big refurbishment 🙂

I feel like I have gone on far too much about Anberlin over the last week or so, therefore as amazing as this gig was (completely random with blown electrics and an impromptu acoustic set with Stephen running straight at me), I will just add this photo (to complete the set) of me with their drummer Nate!!

This post really does not sum up what a great day we had, I’m not sure if I am just over tired or coming down with something but I am completely flat and very cranky this last weekend! This weekend was also the start of the Six Nations Rugby Championship and we also visited an animal rescue centre but I think that may be a post for tomorrow! 
I hope you had a great weekend 🙂
A xx


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