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Happy Valentines Day to you all!  I have to be honest I am not big on Valentine’s Day, not in the sense that I don’t like all the romantic gestures and showing how you feel about someone, I just find that organised gift giving, declaring love etc on an day when everyone else is doing the same, makes me a bit uncomfortable.  I much prefer the more personal anniversary celebrations that mean so much more.  That being said, I had a beautiful card through the post from Dave this morning and am looking forward to a lovely evening tomorrow when he is over. Megan and I also made cards for each other and we are also baking heart shape cookies with my nephew this afternoon whilst my sister is in work.  See I’m not miserable about it really!!


linking up with Katie and Jena today.

This week is half term (already!) which means more time with my princess. We spent Tuesday morning with girly time at the cinema watching Tinkerbell, followed by meeting my friend Tyler at my favourite Coffee Barker (as Megan hadn’t seen him since he returned from NC) and a visit to my museum where there is a temporary Iron Age Exhibition (Yes, there is a real Iron Age Hill Fort in Cardiff!).

Tyler and Megan messing around
That last weekend saw the Welsh Rugby Team back to winning ways beating France in Paris! We are current Six Nations Champions / Grand Slam Champions and Triple Crown winners, but we have had a recent bad spell. We lost to Ireland in the opening match but finger crossed we are now on our way back! you cannot understand what this means to a Welsh girl, rubgy is practically our religion!!

Celebrating our win last Championship!

That the items below may have just been added to my wishlist after browsing the Mango website. Mango is one of my favourite stores and it is always dangerous for me to pop in there or look online! No harm done though I guess, I was only looking….for now!!!

Well I haven’t bought a new scarf in a while! 😉
Love these!
So cute…a definite MUST!!
One can never have enough comfy tees 😉

I hope that you are having an enjoyable week and whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day (or not doing if that is the case!).
A xxx

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