Welcome smiles :)


Lately my ten (going on sixteen) year old has been very challenging. Someone is growing up quickly and I’m sure hormones are kicking in. Things can be tricky with her on a regular basis with her social and sensory issues, but to be quite honest, recently I have been struggling with her attitude and behaviour and at times it has left me close to breaking point.
Imagine how pleased I was when I came home on Monday to a smiley, happy daughter! Her school had an inset day so she had stayed with my mother for the morning whilst I worked. When I walked in they were looking at my parent’s California holiday photos and she was quick to tell me that she had helped my mother prepare dinner and had been planting seeds for the garden. She also knew that I had bought her a present so that probably helped!

Megan is an avid reader, which I had always wanted her to be. From the time she was born I would read to her (as my parents had done to both myself and my sister) and she has always enjoyed looking through books and telling stories. She has always reminded me of my sister and I with books, but I swear this girl has taken it to a whole other level! I cannot keep up with the pace that she reads books.

She is a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan and I picked up her new book Queenie on the way home from work for her. Being a new release it was only available in hardback, so cost more than I’d usually spend on it, but it was so worth it to see her face light up.

This is how she spent most of the night….
Although she asked if she could cook dinner! who was I to stand in the way?? This Italian chicken medley was put together – note the garlic bread!! 🙂

Followed by a make – up game with her dolls. Yes, that is a Christmas stocking hanging on the fireplace and no, I do not still have the decorations up! It was all part of her game!
I know I have to accept that my little girl is growing up and although she is now old enough to help cooking the dinner etc., it was lovely to have her play with her dolls and snuggle up reading for the evening.
I guess I’m just not ready for her to grow up.

A xx
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