Friday’s letters

Dear Friday, I am so pleased you are here! This week has been so busy that it seems to have flown by, but I am very tired and am looking forward to a (hopefully) peaceful weekend. As Dave has been so busy this week and I’ve only spent two nights with him in the last seven, I can’t wait for 4.30 this afternoon when he finishes work and comes home for the weekend. We all need the rest, Dave and I have been out quite a bit over the last few weeks, work has been hectic for us both and Megan has been very tired from school this week. Apart from dance for her tomorrow morning, we plan on spending the day relaxing and watching some rugby (may not be so relaxing depending on the Welsh result!), and eating delicious food 🙂

We will not be dressed up this weekend – pjs all the way!

Dear Spring, Where have you gone? You graced us with your presence for all of two days, teasing us with your sun and (slightly) warmer temperatures and then disappeared once more…please come back soon, this arctic winter seems never ending and the icy cold is playing havoc with mine and Megan’s skin.  Loving my Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough lip balm that I bought when I was in America to keep my lips smooth in this biting wind.

Dear Megan, I’m SO proud of you passing your cycling proficiency test in school.  Who’d have thought you could come on so much in such a short space of time with the extra difficulties you have. Well done!!!!

Dear Healthcare Assistant, Thank you for being so good taking my blood this morning and not leaving a bruise! After four bottles of blood being taken I was feeling faint (I didn’t have breakfast!), but so happy not to be bruised!

Tidied up hair, my favourite Joe Browns cosy jumper and bad skin due to the icy weather 
Dear Sian,  Thank you for cutting my hair at short notice yesterday.  So glad that I popped in and you happened to be free.  I really appreciate that you spent your break doing it, even though I haven’t washed my hair since and will be spending my weekend in pyjamas!! You’re a gem!

I hope you have had a good week and enjoy a lovely weekend 🙂
A xx

5 thoughts on “Friday’s letters

  1. Heather Marie says:

    I am so glad it is the weekend too!! how much fun, i wish spring was here… it is snowing as I currently speak. I live in MN so that is to be expected.. but still it is no fun! New follower 🙂


  2. Amy - Louise says:

    I hope the snow doesn't last too long with you. We had it last month for what seemed like ages and it was so miserable after the first day or so. Fingers crossed for warmer weather soon 🙂 Glad that you found me x


  3. Summer says:

    your hair looks great, I love your dress and is that a vodka and oj cocktail in your hand score lol! Rugby how fun! So where are you from? Cookie Dough lipbalm sounds amazing I shall have to find some lol! I use Bath and Body Works Body Butter which does wonders for your skin and keeps it from getting dry! I am so ready for Spring this weather teasing is not fun lol! Love the blog, new follower!


  4. Amy - Louise says:

    Ah thank you, glad that you found me 🙂 I'm from Cardiff, the Welsh capital in the UK. Cookie dough balm is amazing! Got it from the Ben and Jerry's store in Florida but I'm sure they must have it elsewhere! Yes it's high time spring was here, I keep seeing sandals and pretty dresses in the shops an I want to be wearing them now! Hope that you had a lovely weekend, thank you for following, will be checking out your blog 🙂 x


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