Popping some colour out there!

This grey weather sucks!! The sky is gloomy and I’m itching for some sun.
Today is my day off and I was meant to be meeting a girl friend for some lunch in one of my favourite coffee shop / wine bar / eateries in the village where I used to live.  Unfortunately, her Nanna passed away this past weekend and she has some family matters to attend to so I am staying at home.  I really should be getting on with some housework but after taking Megan to school in the biting wind and popping to my Mum’s for a cup of tea and a freshly made bitter chocolate muffin, I am now lacking any motivation!
Instead I have opted for a self manicure / pedicure whilst cosied up by the fire with a cup of cherry and cinnamon tea. Yesterday I pinned some bright spring / summer outfits, which inspired some coloured nails that will hopefully give the sun a boot up the backside!! 
I’m not quite up to the standard of doing this unfortunately, so instead I opted for…..

(I do in fact have a thumb hiding away there somewhere and abnormally long toes!)
Avon Nailwear Pro in Sunshine and No 7 Stay Perfect top coat.

And now that this little indulgence time is over, I guess I should get to the ironing but what a shame it is now lunchtime so maybe later! 
Have a good Tuesday 🙂
A xx

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