Weekend catchup

This weekend we crossed the bridge to the English countryside, to visit Dave’s family and for a football match he was playing in on Sunday morning.  We set off just after lunch on Saturday, as Megan had dance in the morning and as soon as she was in the car, she wasted no time in getting her head stuck into a book!

It was a beautiful sunny day but we had a panic because as soon we crossed from Wales into England the sun ended and the sky was full of dark clouds! We kept looking back to see the sunny skies in the Welsh direction, but luckily by the time we got to Weston-super-Mare the sun had started to break through! We stopped here as it was not far from where we were headed and gave Megan a chance to have a run around and some fun on the pier.  It was our first beach day of 2013 and although it was cold it really felt as though the better weather is finally on it’s way.  After an hour or so playing arcade games and some fresh sea air, we headed further inland to the countryside to Dave’s brother and girlfriend’s house.
Our Saturday evening and Sunday there involved of lots of amazing food, a Caribbean soup and pork dish on Saturday, and a beautiful lamb roast on Sunday, followed by sticky chocolate cake and home  made raspberry ice cream.  I really should have taken photos, but to be honest it was all so amazing that we all tucked in so quickly that there really wasn’t any time to take them! We spent lots of time playing and walking the dogs (the new puppy is adorable) in the beautiful countryside and watching the guys play football.
The weekend once again seemed to fly by and we were heading home again to start another week.  There is so much to do in Somerset though, we can’t wait to go back and explore some more!
I hope that your weekend was just as good.
A xx

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