Nana Chic

Last week was the third anniversary of my Nan’s passing and would have also been her birthday.  Although three years have gone, the pain and suffering she went through at the hands of cancer are still very raw and I didn’t feel able to mark the date.  This week though I thought I would celebrate her birthday and pass on some of her beauty secrets that she taught me.  She was very dignified until the end and often claimed she had Royal blood (although surprisingly, we are still unable to substantiate that claim!!).

Nan & Grandad during her battle with Cancer, about 8 months before she passed away. Courageous & dignified until the end.
Elnett hairspray
My Nan was a hairdresser, so she knew her stuff about hair products!  After the passing of her first husband and with three children to look after, she set up her own hair salon in Cardiff.  She swore by Elnett and would not use anything else (although she was never a fan of the “because you’re worth it” adverts!).  I always carry a handy sized can around in my bag.
No.7 Skincare 
Growing up, I can never remember my Nan using anything other than No.7 skincare products and they are a staple in my routine also.  I adore the protect and perfect range (the serum and eye cream especially) and as I have combination skin, the beautifully balanced foaming cleanser and moisture creams are perfect.  They can be a bit pricey, but Boots frequently give £5 vouchers and 3 for 2 offers so I snap them up then!

Christian Dior My Nan certainly loved her luxurious make up and Christian Dior eye pallets and blushes were her favourite.  Unfortunately, they are a little out of my price range but there is no denying the quality of their products.  The eye colours glide on, stay put and are easy to remove and the lipstick stays put without being drying.  I really wish that I could afford these on a regular basis!

DIOR Grand Bal Carnet de Bal - Makeup Palette 5.3g 1  DIOR Rouge Diorific - Long-Wearing True Colour Lipstick 3.5g  DIOR Celebration Collection - Makeup Palette for the Lips
found here
Brooches When it was suggested that I use a brooch to jazz up an otherwise plain outfit, I must admit I was in need of convincing! Nan always wore a brooch when out but it was fine for her she was well, a Nan! I had visions of going out looking like the Queen!  But, when I added a silver, sparkly brooch to the waistband of an otherwise plain black, mesh dress I was amazed at the difference it made.
Since then I am hooked and so is my daughter.  Such a fun way to change the look of an outfit, whether they be vintage, sparkley or just cute and fun.
When it came to clothes, my Nan had vast amounts! Seriously, you would not believe the number of closets one woman could have! Even in her 70s, she had the most beautiful ball gowns to take on cruises.  The one thing I remember however, is that no matter how expensive or cheap an outfit was, as soon as she came home she would change out of it, cover it and hang it up.  She would then put on a lounge suit and take off her make up to relax and let her skin breathe.  Now that is one thing I can do.  I sometimes feel that Dave only sees me in leggings, tracky bottoms or pj’s as when I get home that’s the first thing I like to do.  But hey, it’s ok…Nan did it!
What secrets have you learnt from your Mum, Nan or Aunt?
A xx
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2 thoughts on “Nana Chic

  1. MarlaJan says:

    Hi! I found your blog through the Wednesday link-up. This post warmed my heart, next week is 4 yeas since my Mom-Mom passed away, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. I hope your Nan and Mom-Mom are BFF's up in heaven.

    My Mom-Mom swore by Aqua Net hairspray, Clinique ( perfectly applied lipstick wherever she went) and Dove face products. She told me to moisturize every night and to save $5 from every paycheck. I miss her.

    Thanks for making me smile today!


  2. Amy - Louise says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment, sorry to hear about your Mom-Mom, it is a difficult time when memories come flooding back all the more. I hope that they are friends aswell, it sounds as though they would have lots to talk about! Sound advice she gave!I'm glad that you found me and enjoyed the post 🙂
    A x


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