This ‘n’ That

This past week has been one long life lesson (more on this next week).  Anniversaries came and went, I tried to work more, got sick and have ended up taking more time off work as a result.  I stressed so much trying to make Dave’s birthday perfect even though I was sick, that I got more sick and frustrated him as a result and I am now even more bummed at the fact that I was ill to start with. Confused?? Me too. 
That as a result of being sick, I have no photos whatsoever from said birthday and that I was too ill to want to take a photo of my outfit or of us together.  The only photo I have is of wrapped presents…lame.

This Sunday was also Mother’s Day here in the UK.  My lovely girl adopted a tiger for me via the WWF.  The pack came with a cuddly tiger (my favourite), and you can also adopt an animal and raise vital funds for conservation by following the link here.

That whilst I am under orders to rest, I have managed to find these two adorable Love Label outfits on Very, that must find their way into my summer wardrobe!
 Love LabelCut Out Tulip DressLove Label Seaside Print Playsuit

 This little man (or lamb) made me smile, I mean a smiling lamb – how could he not!?!

How has your week been? I hope a little less stressed!
A xx 

Katie Did What


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