Friday’s Letters

It’s my favourite day of the week and time to link up with Ashley for Friday’s Letters.

Dear Weather, Make up your mind, sunny one minute, rain the next and then more snow storms.  You do realise that British Summer Time starts in a fortnight do’t you?? Just checking as we don’t seem to have reached spring yet!  
It was freezing cold but sunny yesterday…hoorah! Check out the view from my office in work, such a nice place to be and I even got to wear my sunglasses when out and about 🙂

Dear Harley, thank you for being so adorable, making me laugh with your stubbornness (you must get that from your mama!), being my hot water bottle and teddy bear when Dave’s not here.
I often joke that you’re the most stable man in my life but apart from my Dad and until recently, for the last ten years that has been true!

Dear Mango, why oh why do I feel the need to subscribe to you and receive all these temptations to my inbox? 
Dear Welsh Rugby Team, (*Dave, don’t read this bit!) I am reluctant to write this but YOU CAN DO IT! This is it.  The final match of the Six Nations Championship. Remember last year? Winner takes all match against France, at home.  We did it then and we can do it now against the old enemy.  England may have a clean sheet and we had a blunder at the start but we can keep hold of that trophy and stop them getting a Grand Slam on our territory.  Everyone has been posting photos in the build up, but I don’t want to tempt fate.  Please win so that I can show them next Monday and so that my English boyfriend can’t gloat for the remainder of the weekend!!! 
Dear Dave, I love you babe! Please remember that come 5pm on Saturday afternoon 😉
Have a good weekend lovelies.
A xx

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