A day in the life of a catwalk model!

TV presenters, celebrity make up artists, photographers & designer clothes…

with TV Presenter Rhodri Owen
…yes I could get used to this!!
A little while back an autism support group that I am a member of put a shout out for mothers of children with ASD, Aspergers and related conditions to take part in a fashion show at the Cardiff City Stadium.  The All About Me show was a chance for designers, up-coming designers and the beauty trade to showcase their collections at the same time as raising awareness and money for the National Autistic Society in Wales and Autism Cymru.
I’d always dreamt of being a catwalk model when I was younger but wasn’t blessed with the height or grace!  I ummed and aahed about it and after a few glasses of wine thought “what the heck” and applied for it! Panic set in when I was accepted though but I decided this was my chance to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself.
In the lead up to the show I took part in interviews and a photo-shoot for the press, and helped pick out a selection of dresses for the show.

Julian Macdonald dress and Kurt Geiger heels
Us ladies with Ariane Poole, make up artist to the stars.

with John one of the lovely models

On the day itself we were treated to a manicure and had our hair done ready for the catwalk.  Then each of us had our make up done by make up artist Ariane Poole who was the most lovely lady and gave us lots of tips. Our dresses were laid out for us and after getting dressed and adjusting them practised our catwalk moves in the corridor – hilarious! How we made it down there without falling on our faces I will never know! We became terrified when the professionals started strutting their stuff and I was nominated to start our catwalk at the end of the show.  Presenter Rhodri Owen was so nice but once I stepped onto the catwalk I started shaking so much with all those people looking at me, that I was relieved when he didn’t speak to me at the end!
It was such a buzz that I would definitely do it again.  It was an amazing day, that didn’t cost me a penny but also raised a lot of money and awareness for Autism and the struggles that parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders face. However, I realised that my childhood dream of being a model would never have worked out! I loved all the pampering but I looked so clumsy on the catwalk, I would never make a pro!!
A xx
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