March Favourite Things

So it’s Easter Weekend – uhh….how did that happen?? Yet another month has come and almost gone and it’s time to link up with Ashley for Favourite Things.  It was hard this month to pick out just a few as so much has been going on, but here we go….

1. Bath time

Hectic times and illness have made baths a must this month!  My body just isn’t keeping up with everything I need to do and there are lots of aches and pains.  I love this cupcake bath salt that my mother bought me.  It’s handmade by a small company in Devon and just too pretty to use!  I have been going through a lot of Radox muscle ache bath soak though since my more expensive Molton Brown soak ran out.  A steal at 99p as it is on offer in Boots right now! Time to stock up!!

2. This post here 

Amongst the birthday celebrations this month would have been my Nan’s 83rd, I wrote the post Nana Chic in celebration of her love of all things beauty related – she taught me so much!

3.  Weekends away and days out with my favourite people

Weston-Super-Mare and Cardiff Children’s Lit Fest.

4. This photo

I love this photo! My gorgeous girl is growing up so fast, it is scary that she will be eleven in a few short months and it often seems as though her childhood is slipping away.  I treasure moments like this, when she cuddles up with me and falls asleep.  It takes me back to nap time when she was a baby and makes me want to go back and keep her little forever.
What have been your favourite moments of this month?
Moving on to Friday’s Letters with Ashley.
Glasses – Dorothy Perkins, Scarf – Dorothy Perkins, Coat – New Look, Leggings – River Island, Boots – New Look.
Dear Sunshine, thank you for making an appearance today.  Even though temperatures were still only just above freezing, it was good to get the sunglasses out and take a walk.  Please stay for Easter weekend and maybe lose the chilly wind?? Many thanks!  Dear school holidays, thank you for giving me more time with my princess.  It is good to see her relax a bit more without the stress of school and for us to be able to catch up with friends.  Dear Aspergers, please stay away this weekend.  We all deserve one weekend where you don’t cause upset and stress.  Dear weekend, we are all SO excited that you are here.  We need you so much – four days of precious time together and with Dave’s family, having fun and making the most of what is really important to us.  Dear Jesus Christ, Thank you.

What plans do you have this Easter weekend?  I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope it is filled with happiness and fun 🙂
A xx

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