Polka dot fancies, letters & exciting times!

I love this selection of polka dot fancies and what about the cute cat tee which is a steal at £7 – there may well be one of those winging its way to my front door very shortly!  All of these would be versatile entries into my wardrobe whether adding a subtle touch of polka to an outfit or an in your face statement such as the dress!!
My favourite for spring / summer however, would have to be the dress below – so cute and girly from New Look, you can buy it here for £40.
Moving on, it is Friday again and coming to the end of the Easter holidays.  It must be time for some letters!
Dear Easter, you were the best in a long time.  Not only did I have the bank holiday off work, but the weather was kind (ish) and we got to relax and enjoy some quality time together with Dave’s family. Towards the end of the drive to his parents house, we turned a bend in the road and were greeted by this unexpected sight at the top of Brent Knoll hill.  It was a moving and humble reminder, on Easter Saturday evening, of what Easter is really about.  That Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected to give us hope amongst darkness.  After doing a bit of research this week, I have found that for the last fifteen years, local people representing all the churches in the area, have carried these crosses to the top of the hill and held a blessing ceremony.  This image will stay with me forever.

Dear friends and family, I have enjoyed catching up this holiday.  It has been fun to make up on lost time and to see the children having fun.  They are growing up so quickly, they must stop that!  Let’s not leave it so long between catch ups from now on!
Dear motivation, I feel that you may be returning!  I am eager to return to writing and researching and I hope there are exciting times to come both personally and professionally 🙂
Dear Paris, I may be visiting soon!! Je suis très excité!!  I have spent too long between visits and am missing you and my wonderful French friends dearly. 
I hope your Easter was as much fun and that you have an exciting weekend ahead!
A xx


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