Wedding outfit dilemma and self care

We have a few weddings to attend this year and I have been starting to look around for dresses to wear to each of them.  We were walking passed Wallis in Cardiff on Sunday when Dave spotted this dress and thought that it would look good on me.  I love that I have a man who knows what I like, my style and what I look good in.  I immediately thought that with some nice heels and the right jewellery it would be nice for a wedding we have in June.  What do you think?  I ideally want something that I could wear again for a different occasion, it is jersey, which I normally would probably not consider for a wedding but it looks really elegant… 
 (find this dress here)
…or do you prefer this maxi-dress, which we also saw in Wallis when we went in-store to check out the previous!?!  I love this but I don’t often wear a maxi, could be good to have a change but I’m not sure if I want something that will stay in my wardrobe after.  I”m not very good at making decisions – I blame being a Libra   Both are a completely different colour for me though so I’m excited to try something new.  Let me know what you think..
(find this dress here)
In other news, I have been a bit emotional this last week.  Little things that I would normally plough on through have been bubbling away under the surface and suddenly decided to erupt this weekend!  I hate it when this happens on a weekend which is the little time that we all get to spend together.  I want to enjoy the weekends especially at the moment because Dave will be away quite a bit over the next month or so.  Along with the tears, my insecurities have come flying out aswell as issues that I have managed to keep under control quite well until recently.  
Luckily, yesterday I had a day off from work so after Megan went to school I headed straight back to bed for a couple of hours.  Once I was up, I took a short walk around to my parents house for a cup of tea and a chat.  I knew that I was teary but didn’t really expect the emotional out-pour that ensued.  Without boring you with too much detail, I realised that I had been carrying around with me some things that I really need to let go of.  Guilt, grief and insecurities that are only causing me pain and that I have not wanted to share.  It was a relief to get them out in the open and to finally have a cry and cuddle with my mum.

Whilst some issues will take time to go away I have acknowledged that at the moment, I really must be taking better care of my emotional well-being and am planning a  complete self-care makeover.  I have neglected myself lately with so much going on and am going to make time to look after myself, whether that be hot baths for my aches and pains or meditation and being more mindful than I have lately.  I need to be kinder to myself before I burn out and Dave thinks he’s with a crazy lady!

A xx

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One thought on “Wedding outfit dilemma and self care

  1. Catherine says:

    I love the first one! Both dresses are beautiful – but I think the shorter one will work with more events. I'm sorry you've been going through some hard times. I definitely need to be kinder to myself too – that's such a great reminder for all of us. Thanks for linking up with me!


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