Pretty shoes to make a girl better!

I kind of guessed that I was heading for a chronic pain flare up by the way my emotions have been all  over the place and the fact that I have been unable to sleep and think straight.  Today has hit me full force in my legs and although I managed work, I had to visit the doctor this evening and after a warm bath have been in bed since.  This is the third doctor that now agrees that I have fibromyalgia and I am seriously having to accept that I am going to have to make some changes to how I do things around here.
In the scheme of things my choice of footwear really shouldn’t be a major issue, but for a girl who loves heels and has such a vast collection, it sometimes is a big thing.  Whereas I used to live in heels, over the last couple of years I noticed more and more pain in a short time of wearing them.  Even before my physiotherapist and doctor suggested I had developed fibro, I was rarely wearing them any more as it was just too painful.  I have worn flats when running around after Megan and at work for a long time now, but wearing them out is still alien to me, especially when out on a date or dinner with friends.
Recently though, I have started to move away from the ‘flat is practical’ mentality and more towards the ‘flat can be cute and fun’ train of thought.  As I have been unable to do anything this evening I have wisely spent my time looking for inspiration on Pinterest – as you do!  I am in love with these!
Source: via Ceecee on Pinterest
Source: via ZZKKO on Pinterest
Source: via Kate on Pinterest
Source: via Erin on Pinterest
I’ve also realised that it’s time for Friday’s Letters – duh! I’ve only been waiting for this day all week.  We’ll blame the meds for my forgetfulness!  
Dear Dave, seriously, what would I do without you??  You’ve put up with a crazy lady all week.  A complete emotional, pain ridden mess!  You are completely amazing and I still don’t know what I did to deserve you xxx  Dear Mum, thank you for all your help this week.  It was nice to have some time with you on my day off.  I will try not to cry as much next time!  Dear inspiration, thank you for returning!  I’m a bit overwhelmed with what you have come up with this week, but fingers crossed I have the strength to see it through and to share it with everyone soon!  Dear weekend, I am so ready for you and to rest.  Even though I am gutted that Dave won’t be here half of it, I need to stop and do nothing for a couple of days.  I had planned some DIY projects and gardening to keep me busy whilst Dave was away but they will have to wait.  Bring on some lay ins and some sun 🙂

Have a great weekend lovelies 
A xx 
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17 thoughts on “Pretty shoes to make a girl better!

  1. Michelle says:

    Flat can totally be cute there are so many different styles to chose from. I find if the sole isnt too stiff and can move when you walk then they will be all day shoes comfortable and cute! Hope you get some rest this weekend 🙂 Saying hi from Fridays Letters x


  2. Ashley says:

    I found your blog from the link up and am your newest follower!
    I also have fibromyalgia, so I understand what your going through- super emotional, trouble sleeping, and then a pain flare up out of nowhere. It's funny that you relate fibro to not being able to wear heels, because I was just moping about this a few days ago! Anyway, if you would like to talk or complain about what your going through, feel free to send me an email! I just picked up a book called The Divided Mind that talks about how disorders like fibro are related to emotions.. You might want to look into it!


  3. Amy - Louise says:

    You're so right! I think I am experimenting more with flats than I ever did with heels. I'm also choosing styles that I never thought I would and they are so much fun! I'm having a very quiet weekend thank you. I ope you're having a good one x


  4. Amy - Louise says:

    Ah thank you that is so sweet, feel free to do the same 🙂 It's very tiring and hard altering your life to accommodate it :/ It sounds silly, but it's the little things. I just don't feel like me without my heels on a night out (not that I have many nights out now!). I uses it's a small price to pay for less pain but it does get you down. Thank you, I will take a look 🙂 xx


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