Weekend round-up

This weekend was a quiet one, spent not doing much at all which was just what I needed. I spent Friday in bed as I was unable to go into work due to a combination of the fibro flare up I had last week and the side effects of my new medication. I slept pretty much most of the day whilst Megan was in school and as I was still feeling pretty rubbish when Dave got home from work, dinner ended up being a rare one from the chip shop. Not that I ate much as my appetite has gone courtesy of said meds.

Saturday was just as quiet. Megan had her usual dance class, but as I hadn’t slept much due to the meds and the fact my neighbours decided to air their dirty laundry for all to hear at 4am, I spent most of the morning in bed. I was in less pain though so we decided to head to the supermarket to get some food in. This would normally be a disaster with Megan due to her ASD, she can not stand the crowds and walking around the aisles with the bright lights and noise. However, my sister was there bag packing with my nephew and the rest of his rugby team to raise money, so Megan happily pulled on a rugby shirt to help whilst we shopped.

After dinner, Dave left to go back to Bristol to meet some friends and play football Sunday morning, whilst Megan and I cuddled up to watch The Voice.  After another sleepless night, I did manage to have a lie in and then got up to make crepes and strawberries (Megan’s request and yes apparently it is still Easter, therefore warrants the bunny ears!), before we made a start on finishing her English presentation for school.  She has decided to talk about her favourite author, Jacqueline Wilson, and has put together a lovely presentation.  Is this girl really only ten??
Megan was out in the afternoon so I popped over to my parents where my dad happened to be cooking a Sunday roast – good timing!!  It was nice to put my feet up with my parents and I think I finally found us a summer holiday – we’ve only been searching since the new year!  My mum and I then spent the afternoon online looking at houses.  We started off with the more realistically priced ones but ended up spending about £20 (non existent) million of my poor dad’s money on a 13 bedroom house in Greece and a pad at home!!

This morning I am going back to work.  I am still so tired and have some weakness but needs must.  I usually dread Mondays so much as Dave goes back to Bristol for a couple of nights.  Today though he is coming home for two nights and we have a day off together tomorrow, which makes working bearable and I’m so excited about it 🙂

I hope you had a fun weekend.
A xx 

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