I can’t believe…

LACE DRESSI can’t believe how adorable this dress from Zara is.  I think I must have it! Where to wear it? I’m not sure yet but I can figure that out later!  And the cute bobbed hair, very tempting aswell!I can’t believe that it is finally starting to warm up! It’s only April 17th!  Maybe I might actually be able to wear some spring-like clothes soon!I can’t believe that we have finally decided on a holiday for the summer and will be booking it this weekend 🙂I can’t believe that I’m still so tired after a day of yesterday spent lazing around and cuddling up with my man – it was the best day though.I can’t believe that I am craving chocolate so much at the moment and have the urge to bake lots of gluten free treats right now.  There must be something missing from my body right now.I can’t believe how weird it is to have a day off during the middle of the week.  Now I will definitely lose track of the days for the rest of the week. A xx

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