Look what I got….for the price of a mascara!!

Why is it that everything runs out at the same time? Last month it was my moisturisers and eye cream this month, my make up. Foundation, mascara, plus my face wash.
Typically I only use No. 7 or M.A.C. make up, but with having to take sick leave last month, a holiday to pay for and other essentials piling up, money is a bit tight this month.
I popped into Boots today to pick up mascara and Rimmel had an offer on. Spend £10 and get the Scandaleyes mascara free.  I normally spend £12.95 on the No 7 Fanomenal Lashes mascara alone and was a bit reluctant to buy Rimmel as I haven’t used the brand (apart from eyeliner and nail varnish) since I was in high school!  I have read some good reviews though so considering I was able to get mascara, foundation and a nail varnish for £12.98, I may aswell give it a go!  I really hope that the ‘Wake me up’ foundation really does what it says on the bottle because I am in real need at the moment!  I love the ‘cocktail colours Hawaiian Punch’ nail varnish and can’t wait to put it on this evening.

As I’d spent over £10.00 I received a voucher for £5.00 off No 7 skincare, which means that I can now get my usual £9.00 foaming cleanser for only £4.00 – result!!

Rest assured I will put a review up once I’ve given it all a try.  I’m looking to revamp my make up bag and hoping to find a few bargain buys at the same time.  Are there any cheaper brands that you have found that are just as good as the more expensive ones?

A xx 

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