Happy Monday!

It’s Monday and I’m in a good mood!!  How did that happen??  It may have something to do with a lovely weekend and the fact that I have a lovely week in store.  Coffee dates, dinner with friends and Dave surprised me this morning by telling me he has booked a half day Friday 🙂 That certainly put a smile on my normally grumpy Monday morning face!! 
So our weekend was spent…..

… having coffee with Dave and Tyler on a sunny Saturday morning in Coffee No.1, before popping next door to the travel agents to arrange our summer holiday to Portugal.
… visiting my Grandad and then driving over the bridge to Bristol for a night at Dave’s flat.
… eating a lunch of saucisson, crackers and French cheese before heading down to the waterfront for a few drinks with Dave’s friends.  Dinner in town, another drink or two, before going back to the flat to relax and watch Avengers Assemble in bed.
… enjoying a Sunday morning lie and relaxing bath.  A lovely breakfast cooked by Dave as I got ready and watched the London marathon, looking out for my friend Jenna who was running.  Our thoughts were most definitely with everyone in Boston and we were so pleased that it made everybody more determined to attend.
… driving back across the bridge to pick Megan up in the afternoon.  Playing My Little Pony with her whilst Dave watched the football and having cuddles with my ever so cute cat.  
… eating a dinner of BBQ ribs and sweet potato, with freshly made banana bread and a cup of fruit tea for dessert 🙂  
… watching the Moto GP from Texas before bed.  Again, our thoughts were with all those affected by the tragedy in Texas.
… being thankful for everything I have and my wonderful boyfriend, family and friends.
I hope your weekends were just as enjoyable.  Here’s to a good week ahead!
A xx

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