April Favourite Things

Linking up with Ashley today for my favourite things in April…

I’ve been looking for some cute storage ideas for my beauty products and came up with storing my nail varnishes in a coffee jar and my brushes in a white plant pot from Ikea!  I love how simple yet practical they are and how pretty the floral tins (also from Ikea) are.


Batiste dry shampoo has been my saviour this month!  Since high school I have been obsessed with washing my hair every day.  My hair dresser has been trying to persuade me for years not to do it as it is bad for your hair, especially as mine is so fine.  I have finally taken the plunge and attempted to only wash it every other day.  The first week or so, my hair was awful but with the dry shampoo on hand to refresh it, get rid of any oil and give a bit of boost, I am no longer washing it every day……heck on a few occasions I have even managed two days in between!!  I think I have gone through the whole collection (to be fair, I have stocked up whilst it’s on offer at Boots), I even have a different fragrance over at Dave’s flat!
This photo – Easter Sunday at Dave’s parents house.  After finding her eggs around the house, Megan then pulled up a chair and sat guard outside the bedroom door to make sure nobody stole them!  ASD makes things stressful at times, but she does give us a giggle 🙂


In Thursday’s post I hinted that I was making some changes in my life.  This month I have been thinking long and hard about the route I am going to take career wise.  I have been disillusioned lately with my job and my career prospects in general.  What I had wanted has had to be placed on hold for now due to my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, the additional support that Megan needs and the result of the economic situation on funding at my workplace.  I started to think that going back to university had been a waste of time, as I now need to be at home more and would be unable to use it as a lecturer as I had hoped.  After talking it over with Dave and my parents though I have realised that I can still have a career, even if for now it is not as I had planned.  I have always wanted to write and am going to start some freelance work, which will enable me to be at home more often.  I have also made a giant leap of faith and have booked a three month slot of gallery space at the museum in order to hold my own exhibition! I hope to get some funding so that I can run a community project with single mothers in Cardiff, looking at Women’s history in Cardiff.   I am so thankful for Dave’s love and support in what has been a testing few months health wise for me, and with the struggle of finding the right balance between motherhood and my career, and I am genuinely excited about the path that I am going to head down.  Here’s hoping that May will lead to good things.
What have been your favourite moments of April?

P.S.  Visit again tomorrow for the start of Blog Every Day in May with Rosalilium

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12 thoughts on “April Favourite Things

  1. Veronica and Daniel says:

    Ooo! I've been looking for a good dry shampoo, but have not found one I like. I will have to see if any stores around me carry that brand 🙂 Good luck with your potential career change! Happy Last Day of April!


  2. Ashley says:

    Wow! Congratulations on your exhibit. That sounds fantastic.

    I also really like how you stored your nail polishes…I need a better way to store mine!


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