Spring is here :)

Get this – I’ve walked to work the last two days without a coat! Even a week ago this would have seemed unbelievable. Winter has seemed to be never ending this year, but it is good to finally here the birds tweeting, see blue skies in the morning and of course the sun. Megan and I couldn’t even spot a cloud in the sky when walking to school today. When we left Florida at the end of October, even though the heat was lovely, I said that it was the wonderful blue skies that I would miss the most. My mood has definitely improved waking up to them again this week.
Now that the weather seems to be turning, here are a few of the things I want / need to do this spring.
1. prepare my legs for summer & start baring them in public. I can’t wait for it to warm up even more so that I can wear pretty dresses and skirts with sandals.

2. Hang the washing on the line! I know it is such a mummy thing to say, but there’s nothing like the freshness of laundry dried outside.

3. Getting out my Cath Kidston blanket out for picnics in the park. Enjoying the beautiful scenery we have around here and the flowers that are coming into bloom. I’ve missed being outside as a family.

4. Walks in the countryside.

5. Reading in the garden, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and possibly a glass of wine to boot!
6. Shopping for some saucisson, French cheese, crackers and wine, then pretending to be in Paris! Not quite the same, but I love to visit friends in Paris during the spring and am missing it this year.

I’m looking forward to reading your plans for spring πŸ™‚
Amy – LouiseΒ 

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