Showing some blog love – My five faves :)

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As part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge set by Rosalilium I have finally managed to narrow down my five favourite blogs (ish!).  It was a tough one to do but eventually I have gone with the blogs that I have followed since the start of my blogging journey.  I really think you should check these fabulous ladies out!

1.  Ashley over at Dancing With Ashley.  I think Ashley’s was the first blog I ever followed.  I don’t know how I found her but I’m so glad I did.  It happens that Ashley is from North Carolina, where friends of mine live, she is beautiful and I love the mix of family, fashion and the arts that she features on her blog.  I really admire her parenting ethos and to boot, she has two of the most gorgeous little boys!

2.  Shanna at Because Shanna Said So.  Again, I have been following Shanna pretty much since the start.  Shanna is incredible!  Not only is she a momma, but she has set up her own personal styling consulting business (details on her blog) and has just become the US Wallis Blogger Ambassador.  I loved reading her posts about visiting London to meet the Wallis team – I’m sure you will too!

3.  Katie at Katie Did What.  I love this girl!  She is adorable and everything I wish I had been in my 20s!  Not only is she gorgeous, but she has amazing style, so much confidence in her faith and is also the sweetest gal.  Plus I love looking through her photos from sunny California – jealous much??

4.  Sharon over at The Tiny Heart.  I always look forward to a new post of Sharon’s.  I love her down to earth style, fashion bargain finds and I always find outfit inspiration as a fellow petite gal! Check out this beauty’s Guide to Wedding Guest Dresses which is particularly useful at this time of year!

5.  Nicola at Our Little Balham Life.  This was one of the first UK blogs that I started to follow.  Nicola makes me laugh in that although I’m almost a decade eek older than her, I’m sure we would have been best friends in school!  Her love for her cat Goblin is as strong as mine for my cat Harley, and her post Five Things That Make Me Deeply Uncomfortable, could have been written by me – feet being uncovered in bed and a wet bathroom floor? I totally get you girl!! 

This is kind of cheating and takes my list to six, but how could I not mention the lovely Elizabeth at Rosalilium, otherwise I would not be taking part in this challenge!  What’s not to love about her blog? Vintage, fashion, cooking and I also get to buy her lovely clothes!
This was such a difficult challenge as there are so many blogs that I love and follow but I hope you get chance to check out and enjoy the blogs I have featured. Now if only I could figure out how to make a button so that I could sponsor these lovely ladies!
Have a good weekend

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