If I was to sit here and recap all the pets since I was young, I would literally be here all day and then some. I adore animals. My grandmother adored them, my mother adores them, so it was inevitable really.
My first pet was a cat called Jerry, a beautiful ginger tom who my parents had the day after getting married (with his brother Tom, who was sadly run over). Jerry was my best friend who would walk to the corner of the street with me as I walked to school and who’d be sat there waiting for me without fail, everyday when I returned. I’d share my bottle with him when I was young and hide him under my duvet so my father could not find him to take him out before he went to bed. Jerry was with us until I was 15 and I have my grandmothers rocking chair that he liked to sleep on (and slipped into heaven on) in the corner of my living room.
There were many more including a white and black stray, called Smudge who became very much mine. She objected to my pregnancy bump and would look at me in disgust when an unborn Megan would kick furiously at her as she sat on my bump.
Since I left home there have been rescued guinea pigs and rabbits but my ever faithful boy Harley has been my main man for the last ten years. I can’t express how much I adore this cat and have done since I the moment I collected the little scrap of a thing that he was from the pet shop all those years ago. Yes, he is stubborn and spoilt but he deserves to be as he has been by my side through so much.
He was the last of the litter and gave me some scares when he was younger.  Not long after we had him he caught cat flu and didn’t think that he was going to make it.  The vet also found that he had a heart murmur and required regular steroid injections.  He soon grew into a strong,  handsome cat though who was king of the town!  Health wise as an adult he has been fine, and the only trips to the vet have due to getting run over and a car backfiring, bursting his eardrum.  Even the vet cannot believe how well he has done and how big he now is!  I love his personality, others say he is grumpy but he is just protective of me (and gets jealous if anyone is taking too much of my attention!)…
He’s stubborn and will do anything to get out of having his photo taken….
…will sulk if he doesn’t get his own way!
but is also the cutest and most loving cat I could wish for.  He always likes to be close to me, even if I’m in the bath and always brings me ‘presents’ from his hunting outings!
We have also got two new additions in our rescue bunnies, Shimmer and Sky, who we got from Jemima’s Place Animal Trust and Rescue Centre.  This place is amazing, they never turn an animal away, is staffed by volunteers and funded entirely through donations.  Our lovely rabbit Lola had died and having not been without one since Megan was a baby, we were on the look out for another.  I really didn’t want to buy an animal from a pet shop, knowing that so many need new loving homes.  Jemima’s Place has so many animals that need adopting or fostering and I would thoroughly recommend that you pay them a visit.  They are also desperate for donations so if you feel you could help please click on the link for their website. 
Shimmer and Sky

Megan and Sky.  We are still having a few teething problems with Shimmer (teething as in she’s fond of taking chunks out of my hands), so Megan isn’t allowed to hold her!  We are persevering though and hopefully in time she will come around!  I can’t imagine a home without pets and would love to have more but I wouldn’t want Harley to think he was having to share my attention even more 😉  Speaking of which, it’s his birthday next week so I’d better get on to buying his presents – yes I’m sure I’m in the running to become the crazy cat lady aswell!!


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