Look what I got…holiday bargain

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Broad Anglais and Jersey Sundress – Primark £5.00
Black Cardigan – Primark £6.00
The quality of these photos aren’t good – they were a quick capture by my daughter before we lost the sun on Tuesday! I am loving this dress though.  I was on a bargain hunt in Primark for dresses for our holiday to Portugal and I came across this beauty.  I don’t like to spend too much for beach holiday clothes as I worry they will get ruined by sun cream etc.  I also bought this in a dress size bigger than I usually am as I don’t like tight fitting clothes so much in the heat.
I am planning on wearing this as a cover up to walk to the beach and then with a belt and jewellry for lunch or evening meal.  For £5.00 I love the broad anglais detail to the top and am thinking of popping back to see if they have any other colours now in stock 🙂

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