I don’t know about you, but pampering can mean different things to me on different days.  Tonight for example, I’m going to need a long, hot candlelit bath and a massage as my fibro is playing up and I’m aching even though I’m only halfway through the day. No such luck on the massage though as the Mr is away :/ 
Other days, pampering myself could just mean taking an hour out of my day to curl up with a blanket or sit in the sun (if only we had sun), and lose myself in a good book.
I’m not one for facials or pedis but I always feel much better after getting my hair done or painting my nails. 
I think though that pampering should be less seen as ‘spoiling’ ourselves and more as taking time to look after ourselves, both physically and mentally.  Granted not many of us get to do this as often as we’d like or really should, but maybe we should be prioritising our pamper time, even if it is only half an hour once or twice a week. Everyone needs time to sit down, take a deep breath and relax in order to restock and cope with the demands of busy lives. Who knows, just 15 minutes of this a day could save both ours and our family’s sanity! 😉 

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8 thoughts on “Pampering

  1. Ragan says:

    i agree with you 100%. Pampering shouldn't be looked at so negatively, it is definitely a way to give our minds and bodies the rest we need. You go, girl!


  2. Ashley says:

    A warm bath and a massage sounds pretty perfect right now. I'm the same…pampering is different for me depending on my needs. it's important to take care of ourselves…I need a reminder of that every now and then!


  3. Journeys of The Zoo says:

    Pampering for me includes the one hour a week that I get to go to our local thrift shop. All the money I spend goes to the Food bank and I leave with a smile because I got a deal. I look forward to it every week and my husband gives up one of his free hours so that I can do it.

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
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