Yesterday’s News Flash

This was yesterday’s post but for some reason it didn’t publish when scheduled.  It was obviously written before the news emerged of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma.  My prayers are with everybody affected and the friends and families of those who lost their lives.
Monday 20th May  
I’m staying away from the news today for two reasons. Firstly, I missed the MotoGP yesterday therefore no news coverage is coming passed my ears or eyes until I’ve caught up with it this evening! Secondly, this morning I was having a yucky day and didn’t want to be depressed further! 
As today’s BEDM topic is Newsflash I had planned on writing on something that I could get my teeth into, but instead of getting into the Gay Marriage Bill (which I 100% support) which is being discussed in parliament today, or anything else political, I’ve decided to share some workplace news.  This is a lot more light hearted and enjoyable (just in case I worked myself into a frustrated frenzy)!
This week is Adult learners Week and at the museum we have been holding a number of events, introductory jazz sessions, Welsh reading sessions etc.  To celebrate, this Friday we are holding a Big Band Night which has caused a lot of excitement as we get to dress up in 1940s, 50s or 60s clothes. There will be music, singing and Lindy Hop dancing and the talk between us all over the last few weeks has been to do with outfits, make up and hair styles! 
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My daughter is even getting into the swing of it and coming with us and I’m having so much fun planning her outfit!  She’s particularly looking forward to teaching everyone how to dance! I’m working all day beforehand but hopefully will manage to get my hair and make up done well enough in time! I’m looking forward to sharing some photos next week.

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