Britain’s heavy heart

So it turned out that today could get worse and it did. I am lost for words, in tears and completely horrified by what happened in Woolwich, London today. A terrorist attack on an unarmed, defenceless young soldier. A soldier who has fought for Queen and country and who deserved to feel safe in his own country yet was butchered on our streets.
The details of his brutal murder are too horrific to write and I am sure most people are aware.  I am struggling right now with what we have witnessed today. I am struggling with the world in which I am bringing up my daughter.  I am praying to God for an explanation, for the strength to be able to explain this brutality to my child. But what can possibly explain such evil?
One thing is sure, Britain must stand together, our nation can not let evil win. We must stay united.  Our communities must not become secularised. All religions must be against this as one.  We cannot and must not demonise, terrorise and target a whole religion for the actions of a few crazed lunatics. There are extremists in every religion and we can’t let the likes of the EDL, BNP and UKIP get their hands on this and twist it with their nasty racist views. The majority of the British population, Muslim or not, are law abiding citizens who contribute to society in a positive way. Innocent people do not deserve to be in fear of retaliation just because some mad men happened to share their religion.  
A friend of mine (who is in the British Army posted this earlier…
We all must now wait for justice and hope for condemnation. On the news I was disgusted that there seems to a suggestions from a ‘spokesman’ that Governmental policies have ‘driven’ people to do this because they feel aggrieved. This is nothing less than a personal choice made by these people which is evil, unforgiveable and inexcusable”

Tonight I pray, not only that the soldier is now at peace in His arms. But also for the grieving family and friends, the people who witnessed this horrific act and for Britain as a whole. Keep us strong, law abiding and compassionate.

Lastly, hold your loved ones close tonight and everyday. We truly don’t know what is around the corner.


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