Floral neons, hope & prayers

floral top, black cardigan, seam free leggings and nude ballet pumps – all New Look
Turquoise beaded necklace – Peacocks
Megan and I took a lovely walk Saturday evening on what seemed like a beautiful summers evening.  This outfit is so comfortable and I love the pop of neon that the floral top brings. Just about enough for me! I’m also thinking I need some more of these seamless leggings in my life, I could wear them everyday! The pumps are so comfortable aswell. I didn’t think they would be considering they aren’t the most expensive and they are so flat, but the cushioning is so good they got me through four days of walking around Paris without me wanting to cut my feet off! 🙂 
Now that the more seasonal like weather is here it seems as though I’ll be able to tidy up the scruffy fencing and decking that is decorating my garden right now!
I could do with a burst of colour this morning to be honest. I had another post written for here today but just before I left for work I had some bad news. My sweet cousin found out yesterday that she has breast cancer and it is also in the lymph nodes. 
Bolt out of the blue. 
I’m in serious shock that I couldn’t take it all in but it seems that she will be having the operation to remove the lymph nodes today or tomorrow and then it is a case of waiting and finding out her prognosis.  She is being incredibly positive about everything and it is unfair that we should be anything but the same.  It would mean so much to me however if you could keep her in your prayers. Cancer is so cruel and it has ripped through our family. I’ve had my own brush with it and it took both of my grandmothers.  Thankfully my two uncles recovered and my aunt is in remission from breast cancer.  Hopefully, my cousin will get through it just as well. 
Sorry for the glum post today, but that is how my heart feels and it would be false to post anything else this morning. 
Here’s to overcoming another obstacle and living to fight another day.  I will be resuming my Blog Every Day in May posts tomorrow. 

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4 thoughts on “Floral neons, hope & prayers

  1. Ashley says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I will definitely say a prayer for her and your family. It sounds like she has a strong line that has fought it off…so that is really good!


  2. Ragan says:

    I am so sorry, I will definitely be praying for your cousin. Cancer is such a scary thing, you all must be a very brave family after dealing with it so many times.


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