Thank goodness for the weekend!

Am I glad this weekend is is here! This may seem lame as the last Bank holiday was only umm a few weeks ago, but I am seriously tired and in need of three days off work.  We were planning on going away again this weekend, but we are all tired and as we have been away every bank holiday so far this year, we have decided to stay at home.  I love going away but sometimes home is the place to be.  There are a few jobs that need doing in the house and garden, plus we are thinking of a trip to the beach and may be horse riding. All weather dependant of course!!
This week has been long and hard (see my posts here and here) but in amongst it here are 
 fab things that have happened this week:
  • The weather has mostly been summery
  • Date afternoon with the Mr on Tuesday to watch The Great Gatsby! 🙂
  • Enjoying eating clean food all week (except cinema treats of course!)
  • Big Band Night at the museum I work at tonight and getting to dress up 1950s style.
  • I have been chosen as a regular contributing writer for the Gingerbread Making It Work campaign blog. So excited to get started on this and will reveal more next week! 

I hope you all have a great Bank Holiday Weekend / Memorial Day Weekend.  I’m off to get made up and to step into the 1950s! 

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