Secret talent

Hmm…do I have a secret talent?? No, not that I can think of!  I can always think of something that others at good of, but a talent that I have? I’m really stuck on today’s BEDM topic of what’s your secret talent?
I can just about juggle studying, work, parenthood – just. But then again so can everyone else.  I can usually spot a potential meltdown, keep three steps ahead of my dyspraxic / autistic spectrum daughter and all her hyper sensitive, literal interpretation and rigid thinking issues and sometimes even deflect them elsewhere. Although not all the time and most certainly not today.  
Maybe my secret talent is staying relatively normal amongst it all.  Hmm, not sure normal is a word I could use to describe myself but I’m not sure relatively sane covers it either! (If you had heard the shouting and seen the chaos in my house today you’d clearly think that I was anything but – Dyspraxia, ASD and pre-teen hormones are not a good mix!). 
Soo, what’s your secret talent anyway?? (Did I mention deflection anyone?)


4 thoughts on “Secret talent

  1. Ragan says:

    I think being able to juggle life's responsibilities while attempting to remain sane is definitely a secret talent – and one that I wish I had!


  2. Christina L says:

    Wow, I can just about juggle one or two things before getting overwhelmed so your doing a great job. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post, always nice to get to know a blogger. You are super mum/blogger/girl


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