A little late catch up…

I’m a week behind on my posts! Initially I felt a little guilty for taking a break from my little corner of the web, but I soon realise that it was just what I needed. I am still tired and in pain but I just needed some time with my family and a few days of not worrying about scheduling posts. I’m happy to be back today though 🙂
Anyway, this past weekend was amazing!! My cousin scored a big TV presenting gig and we went to watch her and her husband do their thing. However, I’m going to leave this until a post on Wednesday! I can’t wait to share it with you but until then, this catch up is from last weekend’s Bank Holiday.
It went a little something like this…
We kicked off the bank holiday by stepping into the 1950s. The museum where I work, held a Big Band Night and we dressed up 1940s – 1960s style, learnt to Lindy Hop and listened to jazz! 
Saturday we mostly chilled. Megan was out so Dave and I took a short wander around the shops, which resulted in us ending up at Starbucks for cake and frappes. Which was soon followed by a drink at the local pub!
That evening Dave made Viatnemese Caramalised Pork and I cuddle up to watch The Voice with Megan whilst Dave watched the football. 
Sunday morning we woke up to a scorching hot morning and after breakfast in the garden decided to head to the beach. Big mistake! It may have been hot in my secluded garden, but down on the coast the wind made it freezing!  We lasted all of an hour and headed back to the house.  Whilst Dave and Megan got the sunscreen out, I wrapped up in a hoody and fur throw as I could not get warm.  We finally managed to get the grass cut though and I prepared some southern style ribs, beans and sweet potato in honour of the US Memorial Weekend!!

There’s nothing much to say about Monday, it was a write off and we spent all day at home!  I hope you all have a lovely week.  The sun is due to stay here all week so fingers crossed it’s a good one!
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4 thoughts on “A little late catch up…

  1. Paint Me Blooming says:

    Babe, I'm so in love with your style! You´re definitely an amazing blogger. All your looks are simply wild and perfect! love every piece of your clothes. You´re so sweet with the balck and white dress today !

    😉 xoxo


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