The sun has got it’s hat on & it’s Friday!!

Hello lovelies, what a beautiful day! What’s more, it’s a beautiful Friday and I am off work! resulting in lots of smiles (not for Megan however who is most miffed at being sent through the door to school!).  
So here are my High Fives For Friday…

1. Coffee & cake with friends is definitely the best!  Back to ‘the village’ for tea and gluten free cake with my Whitchurch pal 🙂

2. Family catch ups and motorsport is most definitely a winning combination. See my post from Wednesday here.
3. New hair.
please try to ignore how ridiculously huge my hands look and that I have no makeup on apart from lippy!
4. My sister getting out of hospital in time for the weekend. The poor thing has been in with pneumonia. Yes. In June. 
5. Only 10 weeks until our holiday to Portugal. Not that I’m counting but today marks 9 weeks, 6 days!

I hope that you’ve all had a lovely week and are able to enjoy Friday and the weekend.  I have a couple of articles to write for publication next week, but will be doing so sat in the sun I think 🙂
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3 thoughts on “The sun has got it’s hat on & it’s Friday!!

  1. Pink Chai Raj says:

    I popped over from WIWW to check out your blog – absolutely love the new cut and that colour of lipstick looks great on you! Looking forward to reading more.

    Pink Chai Style


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