Blissful, sunny weekends

This weekend we headed to Ashton Court Estate in Bristol for a photo shoot with Dave’s family. I’ve been here once before with Megan, a friend and his girls and we enjoyed a walk in the grounds on New Year’s Day. The girls love the deer that inhabit the vast grounds but on that occasion it was very cold.  Saturday however was a beautifully sunny day, if a little breezy, which in actual fact made taking the photos a bit more tricky. I’m hoping I’m not looking too windswept when we are able to view them but my hair was blowing all over the place! Megan of course was the star of the show and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result.  I will be sharing the outfit I wore on Wednesday 🙂
We then decided to stay at Dave’s parents house. They had friends visiting and lit up the BBQ, so we enjoyed a lovely evening talking, eating and enjoying a few lovely glasses of wine. I didn’t want to leave as they live in the countryside where it is blissfully quiet. Alas, leave we must…until next weekend.
I hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend.
Amy- Louise

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