High Five For Friday

1. This is the perfect tee for how I’ve felt a lot of this week! 
2. I’ve cooked up some lazy dinners this week. They’ve turned out pretty tasty though and on the whole I’ve manage to keep it relatively clean.  Dave also made us a lovely anniversary meal, steak with peppercorn and brandy sauce, which I devoured before I took a picture!

3. We’ve been looking after my parents cats this week whilst they are on holiday. They only live around the corner which means that I’ve been able to chill at theirs for a bit on my days off. 
4. Catching the British Lions rugby tour in Australia at every opportunity 🙂 I’m Welsh, it’s in my blood and I can’t help it!! 😉 
5. Planning / buying birthday presents for all the girls in my family which are all during the next month! Started with my Aunt on Monday, my sister this Sunday, then my Mum, Megan and my niece!! 
Megan has also taken a fancy to this Despicable Me birthday cake made by my sisters friend!! I have to admit I would love it for my birthday also!

How’s your week been? I’m looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend and hopefully a bit more oomph about me next week!!
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