Weekend round up

This weekend was about spending as much time on the sofa as possible! This doesn’t often happen as our weekends are usually spent rushing around trying to fit as much as possible in or away. 
We weren’t completely lazy, just as much as possible!  Megan was off school Friday as her hay-fever was really affecting her eyes and throat plus my legs and arms were painful, so it was a day spent in the house doing nothing apart from a visit from my sister and niece…well three visit as my nephews had to pop in on their way home from school. They just love their Auntie Amy so much!
 Saturday, we lazed around a bit, then Dave took Megan to dance so that I could have a late shower and watch the kick off of the British & Irish Lions V Australia rugby match. After a Lions won ( just) and a spot of lunch, we dropped Megan to watch the preview screening of Despicable Me 2 (so jealous) and we watched Man of Steel – so good! 
The rest of the day was spent on the sofa watching TV apart from making spaghetti  bolognese. After Megan had gone to bed we decided to watch The Americans, after hearing great reviews. We are now going to try and catch up with three more episodes so that we are up to date by Saturday!
Sunday morning was lazy as I was still in pain especially with my legs. We had a Sunday roast with my grandad but then spent most of the afternoon on the sofa watching athletics, rugby and see kids TV. Megan made us a Spanish fritatta for dinner (that she had learnt how to make in school cooking classes), which was delicious and once she was in bed we watched The White Queen which I  loving!
I especially, never watch this much television but this weekend I thoroughly enjoyed and needed it. The weather hasn’t exactly been great, wet and very windy, therefore it was the perfect excuse! I was happy to see the first of my  newly planted bulbs flowering andy ever faithful rose 🙂 Now if the sun will only be as kind! 


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